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Recipies, please?
Friends frequently ask for recipies. Mostly because we don't do that much meat. We'll share an approved-by-us menu every now and then. Enjoy! We only link-up to existing on-line resources (some of which are in Dutch, need help? send message!).

I guess we are what one would call flexitarians these days. Not for fashionable reasons. On the contrary. We love cooking. We love eating. We enjoy growing our own veggies. We think it's insane that our food travels more than we do and feeds on things we would never consider eating ourselves. So we encourage buying biologically grown meat, fish and crops, locally produced where possible. We feel no urge to eat fish or flesh on a daily basis. And more than happy about it!

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Roasted Carrot, Spinach and Feta salad
Origin: British / Mediterranean
Source: Great British Carrots / Jamie Oliver (member recipe)

I really can't decide whether to categorize this recipe as Brittish or mediterranean. I guess comfort food is more appriopriate! Anyhow, the sweet roasted carrots combine exceptionally well with baby spinach and feta. Dead simple and extra tasty if you home grow your own carrots!

Roasted Carrot, Spinach and Feta Salad
24 Carrot Gold Roasted Carrot, Spinach and Feta Salad

Batata Harra (Lebanese spiced potatoes)
Origin: Lebanon
Source: GeniusKitchen

Potatoes are rather elementary in Dutch cuisine (if any such exists). If you have someone at your table who isn't too fond of the classic methods of preparation (boiled, mashed or French fries), a good recipe for baked potatoes might come handy. So find instructions to some of the most delicious baked potatoes you ever had, by clicking this link!

Batata Harra (Lebanese spiced potatoes)

Zucchini (courgette), bacon and sherry risotto
Origin: Italian
Source: Allerhande

If you love growing your own veg and zucchini (courgette) happens to be one of them, it's likely zucchini time right now. Pasta, soup and the fridge are obvious destinations. In search of alternative applications I bumped into this recipe. If you can keep up the concentration cooking risotto (or have someone around who's able), give this recipe a try. Sherry might sound oldfashioned but it combines nicely with bacon (or parma or pancetta). Skip the cream... Buon appetito!

Risotto met bacon en courgette

Veggie beetroot burgers with feta and avocado
Origin: Confusion Cooking
Source: Focus on Foodies

Beetroot is one of the easiest veggies to grown in your own garden and combining them with rocket, salmon and horseradish is a straight forward classic. But working them into a veggie burger would have never come to my mind if it wasn't for a friend sharing this recipe. In his search of eating less meat and still live life Burgundy style, we hooked him up with the halloumi burger. He returned the favor in the shape of beetroot feta burgers. Awesome! Who needs meat? Season to your liking as we did with Arabic Baharat. Pay attention to a decent bun! Enjoy!

vegetarische bietenburger met feta en avocado

Indonesian beans with rice and prawn crackers
Origin: Dutch Indonesian
Source: Puur Eten

Spring is in the air and so it's time to make the vegetable garden planting plan! No year goes by without a couple of m2 for fresh green and butter beans! They're are so easy to grow and from the fridge they do exceptionally well in this Dutch Indonesian dish. Don't worry about the fresh laos (use grounded if you please) and the Indian bayleaf. Replace the gula djawa with brown suger if you haven't got it in your drawer, but go gentle on the pepper sauce (sambal). Intentionally a side dish, we eat it as a main, with white rice and prawn crackers. Enjoy!

de enige echte sajoer boontjes

Leek pie with cheddar and walnuts
Origin: your own garden
Source: Allerhande

Leek with egg or 'prei met een ei' in Dutch is the traditional way to prepare leek, but so dull. Jamie's Turkish Leek so far was our only alternative. And since leek is growing effortlessly in our garden, we needed an alternative. This pie is dead simple and soooo tasty! For a meaty version you can always add bacon strips. Don't save on egg and cheddar!

preitaart met walnoten

Freekeh salade with courgette, peppadew and dill
Origin: Middle-East
Source: Allerhande

To us, freekeh came in the same hype as quinoa. We still haven't figured out what's the magic with quinoa, but we do love freekeh! Introduced to us by my sister in law and ever since a mainstay on our menu. Again dead simple. Forget about the grillpan if you haven't got one, just toss the courgette in a pan. Forget about the goji jibba-jabba too, any kind of nuts or dried fruits you've got in your drawer will do the job!

freekehsalade met courgette, peppadew en dille

Sweet potato mash with purslane/spinach and mushrooms
Origin: uh? dunno?!
Source: Chicks Love Food - 5 or less

Is purslane (postelein) a forgotten veg? Well this dish is awesome and above all dead simple. Get some extra mushrooms in your frying pan, spice them up with some pepper and add balsamic vinegar in the process. Forget about the chickpeas (we did) and combine with pork tenderloin (varkenshaas) and pay some attention to dressing up the plate! You'll remember purslane!

stamppot van zoete aardappel met postelein

Cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad with fried potatos
Origin: Middle-East
Source: The Guardian / Yotam Ottolenghi

Until recently Ilse didn't have her way with cauliflower. One day I despirately Googled cauliflower instead of bloemkool and look what popped up! Away with the cheese sauce suggestions. Give this sucker a go with some fried potatos!

Cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad
(scroll down a bit, once you're on the website)

Halloumi Burgers with hummus and grilled veggies
Origin: Mediterranean
Source: Allerhande

Never mind the asparagus, using grilled paprika from a jar adds an edge. Any decent made bun or slice of bread will do; we used spelt buns and they rocked. Get your (grill)pan out when raining. Did anyone say this ones veggie?

Halloumiburger with grilled veg on a spelt bun

Frijoles Borrachos (Drunken Beans) with Roasted Chili Sweet Corn
Origin: Mexico
Source: & Allerhande

Growing jalapenos and experiment with beers. If you can resist, prepare a day before.

Frijoles Borrachos with roasted chili sweet corn